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Who is it for?

Expert Digital Artists, Aspiring Illustrators & Passive Income Enthusiasts

Spare Time Optimizers

You are a full time mom or someone with a full time job. So you have a limited spare time but you value it dearly and want to make the most it, ideally in a creative way which is not only refreshing but also financially rewarding. You are not sure what it could be but hope for it to be something which you can build on over time and something you can be proud of.

Passive Income Creators

You are an open minded individual who is keen to create a passive income stream for yourself. However, you are currently overwhelmed by the complexity, initial effort and risk of failure of all the different options on the table. You are ideally after something which is simple, easy to start and something you can build on over time.

Aspiring Illustrators

You are someone who is fascinated by the world of vector illustrations and just cant wait to get started. You might be both excited and terrified by what you can do and how much you have to learn to master Adobe Illustrator. So, Ideally you want a good, easy and smart starting point to get started and build on it on your terms.

Experienced Digital Artists

You have years of experience in creating awesome digital artworks which have wowed your customers and employers. However, Deep down you know that you can earn a lot more as you can create vectors which can serve more people than it currently does today. You are just not sure how to reach more and more customers in the easiest possible way.

Why becoming a Microstock Illustrator is an awesome option?

What do we do?

We help all types of individuals to create a passive income stream by helping them to become
successful microstock illustrators
How? Well,
In a easy to follow
detailed step-by-step
Online Video Course

Microstock industry is the best way for someone to get started in becoming an illustrator and create their own passive income stream. However, in order to be successful, anyone starting out needs to know 2 very important things.

First, you need to know how to use some of the critical functions of Adobe Illustrator, the most used software for creating vector arts. It is incredibly powerful but you can learn what’s needed to get started in a matter of days.

Second, you need to know the microstock industry, how it works and how to work safely in this business. This is not complicated and you don’t need to know everything to get started. Your progress might be slow but get to learn from your mistakes.

However, if you are starting out new, and want to make the best possible start, then it makes sense to learn both of the above as efficiently as possible. However, until now, there was nothing available for you.

So, I have created an online video-based interactive course with over 5.5 hours of content which explains every aspect of the industry in a highly detailed step-by-step guide. The course covers every aspect that you as a newcomer might be concerned about, the best practices to follow for success and the critical pitfalls one must avoid. These took me years to learn but you get a chance to learn all of this in a matter of hours.

As a bonus, I have created a collection of best available online video tutorials of the critical functions of Adobe Illustrator you need to get started.

So this is the best place to start. If this sounds exciting, click here Launch Yourself.

Your Team

A team of one, a passion of a hundred, an aspiration to impact a million.
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Harish Marnad

Spare Time Microstock Illustrator, Online Coach
Harish works as a spare time microstock illustrator where he has created 600+ simple illustrations with spending 10 hours a week for a period of over an year and in the process has earned around 15,000 dollars. He is passionate about being an online coach and this is his first gig in that direction.

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