Can you make a million dollars selling Graphics & Illustrations

For a lot of people, microstock might seem like a herculean task, almost like climbing a Mount Everest. It is indeed not for everybody, nothing is really. The question most ask is whether someone can make a huge amount of money from microstock alone? I always felt it could be done but as I could not make it and I could not find anyone around, I was not sure. I was so confident that I wanted to name this domain first as millionnaire illustrator but then my brother talked me out of it. The fact is most of those who join microstock won’t┬ámake it big in terms of money earned mainly because it requires a lot of patience, love for new creation and also a little bit of luck.

Still, I could not answer the ultimate question – Can someone make or have made a million dollars selling graphics or illustrations online? Well, that was until I saw the below video. Please watch it and enjoy another dose of inspiration.


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