Unleash Creative Artist in You to impact the world.

And, create your own passive income stream while making a difference.

Who is this Business for?

An established Artist, A budding student, A misfit employee or a hardworking freelancer, this business can fit to you like sugar in water. 


This is for you if you think you have a creative mind inside your brain and feel that you are not currently making the most of it. This business gives you an opportunity to explore, develop and unleash your creative side for the betterment of the world.


Artists are creatives by default and hence you have a distinct advantage of using your current skills and ideas to make a difference to a lot more around you through your art. They were meant for this and why would you want anything else?


Time and Money are two of your most important assets. You know it and you want to make the most of it. What do you do? You use the time you have to learn a simple tool and turn ideas into artworks and build your own passive income stream like I have done.

Microstock Illustrator MasterClass

World's 1 st Online Course for the Creative Mind.

Becoming a microstock illustrator is indeed a perfect way to explore the depths of your creativity and the potential it has to impact the world. However, there is a lot to learn in this business and there are many places you can go wrong. Some mistakes are simple and harmless while others could result in outright bans.

Me and my brother have seen it all in our journey which has enabled me to collect all the learning into this comprehensive course which is the world’s first and probably the only online course of this kind helping artists reach a wider audiance and create a passive income stream. 

This course has helped hundreds of creative minds to explore their inner ideas and bring it to life regardless of how werid, crazy, intimidating or unique those ideas may be. So, if you want to make your own creative journey, in a business which gives you a blank canvas to impress audience across the globe then there is no better place to start than right here with this course.


"I really loved the course, it is very thorough and Harish virtually thought of all the main concerns a beginner could have in mind.You can tell he really put himself into the aspiring stock illustrator's shoes when designing it! It makes the process so easy to approach, without having to go through the struggle that a newbie would probably go through (as he probably did!) without this valuable information."
Celine Defaso
"I really enjoyed your course. I feel like you've covered every possible detail, you have an engaging presence and are very approachable as an instructor. I'm an experienced illustrator who has thought about microstock for many years, and even though I'm experienced in illustrating, I gained a lot out of your course. I think it's appropriate for beginners to advanced.
Thanks so much!"
Paige Williams

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My story

Many years ago, I read the book ‘Rich dad, Poor Dad’ and I was hooked by the concept of creating passive income. This made me explore countless opportunities like writing ebooks, creating niche websites, developing apps and trying out affiliate marketing among many others. Needless to say I failed spectacularly at each of these attempts mainly due to lack of time as I was a full time employee and had a young family to support.

When all hopes were all but lost, my big brother showed me the way by showing me how to use my spare time to use my ideas to become a microstock illustrator and earn a passive income. And it magically worked. Within the next two years, I created over 650 illustrations which have earned over $20,000 so far. It may not seem big but the fact that a good portion of this was earned and continues to earn even when I have ‘stopped’ actively working on this business.

Long story short, if you are someone like me who has a little spare time at hand and have a lot of interest to create a passive income and impact the world while earning your income then this is the perfect business for you. My MasterCLass will show you how you can make a rapid start in this business.