Best Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners

If you learn the basics functionalities of Adobe Illustrator then that is good enough for you to get started in earning a passive income and you dont need to buy a professional course for this. This free & best adobe illustrator tutorial for beginners post is specifically to those newbie digital artists who are keen to learn adobe illustrator in the quickest time possible without having to spend even a penny. In fact, I have learnt less than the functions listed in this post but I have managed to create over 650+ illustrations and earn over 15,000$ in passive income. You can obviously spend more time learning on the job as you get more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator over time.

There is a ton of tutorial lessons of adobe illustrator out there on the internet but for someone who is starting out new, all this might be overwhelming. What you need as a newbie is a structure to learn the most needed new functionalities so that it enables you to start creating sellable illustrations and start making money. This post provides a list of these critical functions of adobe illustrator which I think will help you move in this direction in most optimal way possible.

Additionally, I have not only created the structure but also spent hours searching for the best tutorial lessons out there for you to learn each of the functionality. However, if the tutorial lesson listed here is not good enough, then search for other tutorials on the topic and make sure you learn them before you move forward. It is easy to get distracted with so many things to learn and hence I recommend you to have specific goals when it comes to learning adobe illustrator and keep your focus on achieving them.

Finally, as these are tutorial lessons from different instructors, you might have to adjust to their teaching style. Also, as you will not have their worked examples, you might have to create your own vectors to learn these which makes it tough. I guess, there is no way around this if you want to learn AI with a free tutorial but as this costs you nothing, it is worth giving a try before deciding to go for a paid course or not.

Section 1: Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

Section 2: Basic Functions of Adobe Illustrator

Section 3: Colouring your illustration

Section 4: Enhancing & working with Shapes

Section 5: Tools to enable Accurate vector creation 

Section 6: Group Object functions

Section 7: Advanced Creative functions

As mentioned, I have not used all the functions above but still have managed to create simple sellable vector illustrations. So there is no reason why you cannot. If you find that there is some functionality which I have missed here, please let me know. I will find the best available video tutorial for it and add to this list.

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    1. Hi Apoorv, Ai is not available for free but you can get a trial version for 7 days for free. So you get a chance to play around with it and if you like it then you can pay for it. You have monthly payment options which enables you to try it for couple of months and if it is not for you then you can dis continue. There are people who sell slightly older version of AI like AI6 which is perfectly usable for a lower one time fee but I am not sure if it is legitimate or not. Hope it helps.

  2. how will i sell my vectors if i learn to create some after the did not mention process after the course or learning the Ai ,which will pay me.

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