Microstock Illustrator MasterClass

This is a comprehensive course which teaches anyone who is interested in investing their spare time in earning a passive income by creating and selling simple digital artworks like vectors or illustrations. This is a perfect home business opportunity because it has least amount of interaction with others and you can do this business anywhere, anytime.

The course teaches everything you need to know about the business and what you need to focus on to succeed in it in the most efficient way possible. This course is an opportunity for those who are keen to spend their time using and enhancing their creativity and also earn a passive income by creating artworks which are useful to many. The only requirement for you to get into this business is your passion for creativity, a decent computer and your knowledge of Adobe Illustrator (or keenness to learn it from the free tutorial provided in this course or from elsewhere).

There are unique advantages to this business which are not in other businesses. It’s simplicity, Quick feedback cycle, Motivating measurable progress, Engaging creative activity, Rapid creation time and ease of getting started are some of the reasons why this is a great business opportunity. Join now if you want to engage in a business which not only earns you money but also brings back childlike enthusiasm towards art, creativity and gives enormous satisfaction at the end of the day.

You have so much to gain and also nothing to lose because you are covered by 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. So go ahead and make the purchase and let’s get started. Check out the sample lessons if you are still unsure. I hope to see you in the course.

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Course Instructor

Harish Marnad Harish Marnad Author

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Understanding the Business

How do you make money in this business?

Understanding Customer Demand: What are the Artworks customers looking for?

Developing Creativity & build unique artwork ideas

Bringing Idea to Life: Learning what’s minimum needed of Adobe Illustrator

Market your Artworks: Simplest and the most important after creation step

Preparing & Organizing your Illustration

Different ways of Submitting your Illustrations to the top Online Companies

BONUS: Start to End: From Creation of a simple artwork to the End

All about Artwork Rejections, Dealing with Rejections & How to Avoid them

Resources to Improve yourself in this business to achieve greater success