Adobe Illustrator 80:20 Tutorial for New students

This is a free tutorial specifically for the students of microstock illustrator course. Enjoy it and let me know if there is any feedback on this.

Section 1: Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

Section 2: Basic Functions of Adobe Illustrator

Section 3: Colouring your illustration

Section 4: Enhancing & working with Shapes

Section 5: Tools to enable Accurate vector creation 

Section 6: Group Object functions

Section 7: Advanced Creative functions

Section 8: Reviewing your vectors

As mentioned, I have not used all the functions above but still have managed to create simple sellable vector illustrations. So there is no reason why you cannot. If you find that there is some functionality which I have missed here, please let me know. I will find the best available video tutorial for it and add to this list.

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