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The Shortest Story Of Success

“Since the time I studied a number of books on Passive Income, I was hooked to the idea of creating passive income. Who wouldn’t want to when your earnings are not linked to your activity everyday? So naturally I tried many opportunities like creating a blog, writing a book, developing an app, trying out affiliate marketing among others. Unfortunately,I failed in all of them rather easily.

When all hopes were all but lost, my brother came as a savour and thought me how to become a Microstock Illustrator. Fast forward to Today, I have 650+ illustrations earned over $16,000 in passive income, may be more.

The cool part about passive income and this business is that my artworks created few years ago are still earning over $100+/month even though I no longer create new ones. I don’t get the time I used to get as I focus all my energies towards teaching how you and others like you can learn the same. This constant stream of income has made me wonder as what are the reasons for my success in this business while failure at others. After contemplating for months I have narrowed them down to five big reasons for you. Check them out next.”

Five Reasons Why You MUST Start This Business?

The Only Opportunity

This is the only business opportunity for a creative person like a digital artist to create a passive income. Even though I was not known to be creative, the business allowed me to learn to develop artworks that sells. 

The Ease

This is the easiest business get started as it requires no investment apart from your laptop and the adobe illustrator tool. This allowed me to give this a go without much effort or money and I was up and running with in days.

The Independence

This is the simplest business opportunity for a creative person. You are not dependent on anyone else to create, sell and earn passive income. This allowed me to make the most of any spare time I got and covert them to vectors.

The Pleasure

A lot of your time goes into creating something new like a magician pulling rabbit out of thin air. This joy of creation coupled with the pleasure of serving wide variety of customers across the globe bring in immense happiness.

The Freedom

You will be your own boss as you develop your own designs and set your own deadlines. This frees up your mind and you get back the joy of creating unique, amazing illustrations that you were always capable of.

Best way for You to Get Started?


Product One: Microstock Illustrator MasterClass

The best way to get started in this business is by taking this MasterClass. This is the world’s first and only online course created to help digital artists, creative aspirants, spare time optimisers and passive income generators to get their creative passive income stream generated. This course assumes no prior understanding of the business or technology and hence it is easy to understand for everyone.

  • 5+ Hours of Video Lessons
  • Served Students Across the Globe
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Most Comprehensive Course on the Business

Price: ₹ XXXX.XX (Scroll Down for Offer Price)

Features Microstock Companies in the Course

Why Take this MasterClass?


If you were about to run a 100 meter race with another thousand people for a prize that you badly want to win. But, what if just before the start you get an opportunity to legally have your starting position reset to, say, 50 meters ahead of the rest? What if this gives you the best chance to win the cup? Why would you not take it?

This course gives you a similar advantage in your creative passive income journey. We have put in the hard work needed to understand the business, the best practices that you must follow, the common mistakes you should avoid, the tricks and the hacks which will help you leapfrog well ahead of your competition.

Joining this course does give you a HUGE advantage over others who may be joining this business or even doing it business right now.

So, why wouldn’t you join me in this online course which is the world’s first course for microstock illustrators and accelerate your learning to make that perfect start.

What Would You Learn in this MasterClass?

We have packed this course with all the information you need to get started with this business. The good part is that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of anything with r regards to the business.


In this section we will look at how the course is structured and what we will be learning in the course. We may recap some of the benefits of the course and I will show the evidence of our own earnings to establish credibility.

Here we will understand the business in depth where we touch up who the different players are, how they interact with one another and what is your role in the business. What are the different dos and dont’s that you must know about before you start your journey. 

In this section, you would learn

  • How the Business Works?
  • Best companies to work with?
  • Optimising your joining process
  • Terms and Conditions to keep in mind.
  • How to set Goals to excel

Here we will understand what can you sell, how they sell and how will you earn your passive income. In this section, you would learn

  • Things to Sell
  • You relation with the Company
  • Commission breakdown

Here we will understand how we can go about understanding our customers, their ways of searching for artworks and how we can make use of this knowledge to create our artworks. In this section, you would learn

  • How we add value to customers?
  • How to know what customers are looking for?
  • Niches and how to identify good ones.
  • Type of Niches

Here we will explore the things that you need to be mindful of when creating your artworks and also the ways to improve our creative muscle. In this section, you would learn

  • What Creativity Means?
  • Simple approach to build creativity
  • Five aspects of artwork to focus on
  • Protecting your Artwork

Here we will look at the most important after creation process which will enable your artworks to reach your target customers. If you do a poor job at this, even the best artworks wont sell at all. In this section, you would learn

  • Overview of after creation process
  • What is involved in marketing your artwork
  • Tools that you can use
  • Best practices to follow

Here we will look at the different ways we can submit our artwork to different online companies. As each company is different we need to know and understand the differences to save ourselves time and effort. In this section, you would learn

  • The best approach
  • Example submissions
  • What happens next

An artwork gets rejected for multiple reasons and I have experienced all type of rejection and we will discuss each of them in detail here.  In this section, you would learn

  • Dealing with Rejections
  • Different rejection reasons
  • How to create artworks to reduce rejections

While this course might be complete by the time you reach this section but your creative passive income journey is just at the beginning. You need to grow and learn faster if you want to achieve better success in this business and hence this section is dedicated to provide you with tools, practices and forums to interact with and improve yourself.  In this section, you would learn

  • How to get inspired from the best
  • Different forums to join

What Existing Students Have To Say?

"I really loved the course, it is very thorough and Harish virtually thought of all the main concerns a beginner could have in mind.You can tell he really put himself into the aspiring stock illustrator's shoes when designing it! It makes the process so easy to approach, without having to go through the struggle that a newbie would probably go through (as he probably did!) without this valuable information."
Celine Defaso
"I am an Adobe Illustrator newbie and I only wanted to learn how to draw some cartoon animals for my website, so I could reduce the costs with the designer. It is a very well structured and presented course, that will give you all the info you need (event learn you the basics of AI) in order to start earning passive income. And will also give you something more: courage and confidence that you can do it! Harish is a very honest and kind person, and a great teacher."
Anda Igant
United Kingdom
"I really enjoyed your course. I feel like you've covered every possible detail, you have an engaging presence and are very approachable as an instructor. I'm an experienced illustrator who has thought about microstock for many years, and even though I'm experienced in illustrating, I gained a lot out of your course. I think it's appropriate for beginners to advanced. Thanks so much!"
Paige Williams
"Best class I've taken so far on making passive income - instructor is articulate, the content is thoughtfully constructed and incredibly informative. Every topic is dealt with great detail. This is a very comprehensive and in-depth course (50 Videos). You will get 200% value out of the course for sure. If you talk about the modules, every module is packed with actionable content, no fluff at all. Its well presented and not typical basic stuff you will find it everywhere."
Harsha Kulkarni
"Harish takes a pragmatic approach encouraging those who may doubt their creative capability that they too can create and sell compelling art. His course focuses on the business aspect but throughout the course he generously shares his thoughts and personal experiences. I highly recommend this course if you have a desire to flex your creative muscles and would like to earn a little income while doing it."
Paul Farnam
"As an artist and a proficient user of Adobe Illustrator, but Microstock business seemed complicated and intimidating. Then, I found this valuable course, with practical information not available anywhere else on how to get started and succeed. The course is very well structured, and provides solid advice on the creative, business and technical aspects of the artwork. Excellent Course. Thank you Harish for your knowledgeable and generous advice!"
Hector Carrasquilla

What Other Products I Have For You?


Product 2: Start to End HandsOn Course

In this course I will take you from the start of artwork creation to all the way to submission of artwork so that you get a better appreciation of everything that is involved in this business. In this course, you will learn to

  • Conceptualise the artwork
  • Bring an Idea to life
  • Saving the work
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Submit and Success

Price: ₹ 995.0 ($14.95)​


Product 3: Adobe Illustrator 80:20 Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful too with many functions but we don’t need to learn all of them if you are getting started. Even till date I only have a basic knowledge of the tool which is good enough to create artworks that sell well. In this course, I have assembled the best online tutorial available on youtube for the most important functions that you must learn to get started. In this course, you will learn to

  • Learn the most essential Adobe Illustrator functions
  • Learn from the most popular tutorials online

Price: ₹ 495.0 ($7.95)

Total Cost of All Above Products:

₹ 1490 ($22.95)

No,You wont pay this!

So, What is My Best Offer Today?


Your Product

Offer Price


MI Adobe Illustrator 80:20 Course

₹ 495.0 ($7.95) FREE


MI Start to End HandsOn Course

₹ 995.0 ($14.95) FREE


Microstock Illustrator (MI) MasterClass

₹ 4995.0 ($74.95) ₹ 2495.0 ($34.95)

You Dont Pay:

₹ 6,435.0

You Pay:

 ₹ 2495.0

You Save:

₹ 3940.0 (61%)

But Hurry, Your Offer Closes In:

Still Concerned? Don't Worry, I Have Got You Covered

The course fee will go up as we add more content, as more students and as this course becomes popular. If you join now your price is locked in and you will never have to pay a penny more or worry about it, ever.


You're fully protected by our 7 days no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

It is a beautiful, professionally designed infographic based document packed with information about the business and how it can help you achieve your creative potential. I am definite that it will convince you better than I ever can. Click on the above link to download the Blueprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I don’t know Adobe Illustrator, can I take this course?

Yes, of Course. My Adobe Illustrator 80:20 course is a compilation of best tutorials available online on some of the most important functions of Adobe Illustrator. I am not very good at Adobe Illustrator but I have learned enough to taste success in this business. A lot of what I have learned goes to online tutorials like these on Youtube. If for any reason you don’t find particular lesson good enough, you can search hundreds of other videos out there by different instructors explaining the same thing. So, chances are, with this approach, you will be able to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator. On the other hand, you can choose to go for an exclusive online or an online course paying extra.

Q2. I keen to find a permanent or freelancing job as a digital artist. How would this business help me?

To find a job as a digital artist you must build a portfolio of artworks. Initially you will not have any clients and hence you may create some dummy artworks, logos or banners of your liking to showcase your skills to your prospective employers. You will have it all in a blog or on your personal website ready to share it as and when needed. Thats what most people do. Instead of creating dummy artworks, why not create artworks which are in demand and try to sell them through this business while you are waiting for your next job interview. You will learn a lot more in this business about being a digital artist than reading books or blogs as you will be spending more time doing what digital artists are known for – creating illustrations. Finally, your portfolio on one of the microstock websites are viewed extremely highly than on your personal blog.

Q3. I have never tried anything creative before but I am interested in this one. Is this right for me? 

Well, you will never know until you try. No, that’s not an answer given to tempt you into buying this course. That is the fact of life. However, what is good about this course is what we create need not have to be highly creative or have to look out of this world. As most of the creation is used by online marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs or news agents, they would want artworks based on everyday life. So, your creativity will need to be inspired by everyday objects which is not hard. I did this and I teach this approach in the course. The only thing you need to bring in to the process is your time and little hard work.  

Q4. How do I ask questions that I have about the business? Will there be any help from you? 

Certainly yes. It is my passion to teach and help students and hence instead of continuing on with this business, I have created this course for you. So yes, I look forward to hearing your questions and answering  them. We have a dedicated Q&A section right now where you can ask any questions about this business and I will do my best to answer the question or point you in the right direction. We are also working on creating lot more tools and groups exclusively for students to ask, interact and get their questions answered.

Harish Marnad

Harish Marnad, Your Instructor

Harish Marnad is someone with a strong passion to learn and teach different aspects of life which help us reach our true potential. He is a well read person with strong and fundamental understanding of what motivates us, humans.

Creating passive income has been one of the strongest motivators of Harish from a long time. This had enabled him to explore different passive income opportunities even when he faced many failures along the way. His belief is that creating a good passive income lets us take our focus away from survival and enable us to do lot more in life. So it is all but natural that making a passive income not his end goal. For him, it is the means by which he can free up his time to take on bigger and more challenging tasks. What are they? you may wonder..

When asked, he has a clear answer on his biggest motivator in life. He believes his true potential is expressed by one and only one parameter which is the number of lives that he impacts before he goes to sleep, permanently. This is one of the main reasons why he used his spare time to create this comprehensive online course. He has now quit his well paid full time job in the UK to increase his reach and impact.

He has an interesting way to keep himself motivated. He says, every night his mirror asks him three questions before he goes to sleep. Whenever he finds that his answers are not good enough for too many nights in a row, he knows that he has to change something. What those questions are?

How much did you learn? How well did you enjoy? How many did you help?

We hope that you will create your own passive income and find time to discover own your meaning for life. All the best.

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