Why Digital Artists should Start Career as Microstock Illustrator

If you are someone who wants to explore becoming a digital artist or passionate about about it, then there is no better way than starting with becoming a microstock illustrator. This is because as a microstock illustrator get the four really good advantages from the word go. Lets look at these advantages very quickly.

1. Start with simple illustrations: This means that you dont need to learn a lot at the start and learn only those which are most needed. When you start simple there is an opportunity to use more of your time in the creation process rather than pure learning different functions of tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

2. Start with the Aim to Sell: If you aim to become a digital artist through the most common way then you will spend some time building your portfolio first. During this time you will probably have to create really cool artworks because those will be the one which will get you your first customer. However, whatever you create during this time will not earn you any money as they are not created with any customer in mind. Instead of that if you start of as a microstock illustrator then you can create illustrations with an aim to sell from the word go. As a microstock illustrator you get a chance to search, understand the customer demand, analyse what might actually sell well and then choose the kind of artworks you want to create. So this will act as another motivator for you to create unique illustrations everyday.

3. Test what you create: Whatever you create can be tested for both for their quality and sell-ability straightaway. So rather than creating something random just to learn the tool and to master it, as a microstock illustrator, you are better utilising your time by creating artworks which are of quality and those which might earn you money.

4. Build a credible online portfolio: Say your biggest passion is to work as an illustrator to one of the biggest companies in the world in which case they want to see your portfolio before they hire you. Typically, you post your portfolio to your blog or some website. However, instead if you showcase your microstock portfolio then it is easily more credible for a number of reasons.

5. Start earning a passive income: Each illustration that you create is a sellable product or asset for you and what they earn will be passive in nature. This means that once you have a good sized portfolio, you will continue to earn income even if when you are on a month long holiday because your illustrations which are on sale will not be on a holiday.

There are other benefits of becoming a microstock illustrator as compared to any other business (check out the video below).

Inspired by this Business? Want to make a rapid Start?

Rapid StartLike anything else, even the microstock industry has its own set of best practices you should adopt and critical pitfalls you must avoid. I have fallen many times and but in the process, I have learned a lot. So I have used all the learnings I got from brother and from my own experience to create a detailed video-based online course with over 7 hours of content just for you so that you have a really good starting point. This will give definitely give you a big advantage over others who are joining this business on their own. In this world of intense competition, any advantage you can get will significantly improve your chances of success.

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4 thoughts on “Why Digital Artists should Start Career as Microstock Illustrator”

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  3. Hi ….Is it still worth uploading jpegs and vectors to microstock agencies as i have read in many websites that there are very few sales nowdays

    1. It all depends on who you talk to. Yes, my brother said it had gone down last year but sales are picking up this year for his new content.

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